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 Scope of Services

Starting by focusing on the needs of the client, Axios’ document translation team provides efficient, professional, and accurate translation services. 

The scope of our services includes creative texts which demand command of style and language, such as art and literary books, scripts, albums and promotional materials. Our services also cover materials in sectors where there is a strong requirement for accuracy, expertise and knowledge of technical language, such as legal contracts, government documents and business texts.

Primary Services

Localization of Promotional Materials

Books and Other Publications

Covering art catalogs, advertising materials, press releases, and the localization and construction of websites.

Covering books, magazines and journals, film and TV scripts, novels, drama and similar publications.

Commercial and Legal

Documents for Government and Social Institutions

Covering contracts, business letters, legal documents, immigration and over-sea study application materials, product presentations, technical documents, patent documents. etc.

Covering official documents, certificates, and materials for cultural and education organizations and other institutions

Our Strengths

A highly professional and experienced multilingual translation team made up of translators with professional backgrounds in sectors such as the arts, literature, finance, law and science. Many of our translators have served as senior translators in diplomatic organizations, the World Bank, and well-known higher education institutions in China and abroad. All our translators have at least five years of experience as a translator, are well versed in the professional standards of various industry sectors and can accurately grasp the client’s requirements to guarantee a reliable quality of translation.

Our team has extensive experience in large translation projects from the translation and publication of large-scale book series, the construction of localized websites for cosmetic beauty products and golf clubs, full sets of court litigation materials through to high-end art catalogs. Thanks to Axios’ streamlined project workflow and strict quality control, we have become the translator of choice for many high-end clients in sectors including culture, entertainment, business and government.

We have affiliations with doctoral students and professional talents in many fields, and also many language and industry experts from China and overseas serve on our team of consultants. We maintain strict control over the quality of language and apply professional rigor to all our projects in order to provide an accurate, succinct and high-quality document translation service.

Layout technicians undertake precision editing and typesetting of the translation to ensure that the final translation delivered to the client has a layout which is pleasing to the eye, conforms with professional standards and does not require reworking.

We have established a large glossary of terminology from different industries which is updated regularly to guarantee consistency and accuracy, especially important for large-scale projects with many documents.

We have established long-term cooperation with governments and official bodies including the British Consulate in China, China Customs, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and its subsidiary units and well-known higher educational establishments in China. We have won the support of our clients who rely on us for our professional excellence and all-round customer service.

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