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Our Strengths

The Axios Team is made up of a group of professionals who are dedicated to the art of translation, share the same vision, and who come from all over the world. Our translators and proofreaders are language experts with backgrounds in diplomatic services, international banks, and top universities, as well as language specialists in different fields.

Translators & Proofreaders

Our best combination of skilled translators and proofreaders bring a variety of expertise to ensure faithful and idiomatic translations.


Our specialist advisors ensure the use of the target language is natural and accurate, especially when specific terminology or jargon is required

Project groups

Each project is assigned its own team which executes a strict and highly-efficient quality management process in order to deliver excellent translations to our clients within the agreed schedule

Why Choose Us

A selection of our proofreaders and advisors

Axios is proud of their dream team of translators. 

Our skilled translators bring a variety of expertise to ensure faithful and idiomatic translations. Regular training and lectures are provided to all of our translators. 

Our foreign proofreaders are all proficient in both Chinese and their native languages and are experienced in translating and revising texts.

Florent Duême (France)

Graduated from School of Language, University of Rouen; Worked as an interpreter and translator for the French Embassy and Delegation of the European Union to China; Joined Axios Translations in 2012 and is now translating and proofreading screenplays and works of literature, as well as writing for CCTV, China International Culture Communication Center and China Writers Association.

Kong Leqi (China)

Received Master Degree in Screenwriting from American Film Institute (AFI); Joined Axios in 2010 and has excelled at translating subtitles of foreign films to be dubbed into Chinese; Works have been frequently aired on mainstream channels such as CCTV-6, CCTV-8 and CCTV-10.

Alison ClarkUS

Over 25 years of experience in international television, including 12 years in distribution at Sony Pictures Television International and 9 years as a producer in China. Now works for Axios as proofreader/advisor

Recruiting and Training System

We have developed an effective system for recruiting and training translators, which allows us to assign the right persons needed for each project.


A Four - level System to Get the Best 


We carefully select our translators by screening resumes, applying skill tests, and assessing overall performance mirroring work on an actual project. Once hired, appraisal of our translators' work takes place on a regular basis.


Continuous Training of the Team to Stay Ahead of Market Competition

As a leader in the industry, we never stop trying to improve our team’s performance. Various forms of online training or courses are frequently arranged for new and senior translators, other employees of the company and for specific translation projects.

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