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We have translated many well-known films for China Film Group Corporation. We pride ourselves that our well-crafted translations have played a part in helping these excellent films achieve the box office success and audience affection that they deserve.

Secret Superstar

As one of 2018’s blockbusters, Secret Superstar became the highest-grossing film in a single day with 44.4 million tickets sold. In total, sales broke the seven hundred million mark. 190,000 thousand people ranked it on Douban, giving it a score of 8.1, making it an unquestionable audience hit.

The translation of this blockbuster was successful due to Axios’ ability to reflect the social culture of the country depicted in the film into something understood by the local audience.


China’s Major-Country Diplomacy

Broadcast of the six-episode political feature China’s Major-Country Diplomacy was warmly greeted far and wide. By three o’clock in the afternoon of the third day after its broadcast, China’s Major-Country Diplomacy had been viewed almost three hundred million times on CCTV’s news platform.

With a mission to convey China’s voice to the world, the political significance of the translation of this documentary series is without doubt.

After China Global Television Network awarded Axios this project, our turnaround time was extremely tight since we had to complete the project before the leadership travelled overseas while at the same time, we had to meet very high requirements for translation quality. We rapidly brought together a team of professional Chinese and overseas translators employed in organizations such as foreign embassies in China and Canada’s Department of Global Affairs, as well as a group of expert foreign proofreaders working in film and TV. Through this approach, we were able to deliver the translation on time. Much of the terminology, including the names of numerous international bodies, people and titles appear in the series, and any error could have escalated into a political issue. In line with our mission to aspire always for greater perfection, Axios’ team unleashed its creativity in communicating with personnel from various agencies in order to assure the accuracy of the translation.

Discovery Networks Asia-pacific

Our excellent standards and rich experience have also won the approval of the Discovery Channel whose broadcasts appear on CCTV-10, local TV stations and mobile channels in China.

Supervised by the State Council Information Office,and co-produced  by Meridian Line Film and CICC, Discovery Network Asia-Pacific has covered over 100 million subscribers in Asian and Pacific area. Axios is  honored to provide translation service for the dubbing version of  documentaries.

The Discovery Channel’s documentary Smart China: Start Up Revolution showcases ambitious young entrepreneurs to try to understand how they convert their entrepreneurial inspiration into a profitable business, as well as how the revolution of start-ups will change how we live our lives. Through Discovery Network Asia Pacific, this program reached more than one hundred million subscribers.

The subjects of this documentary were real people and companies in Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta region and the Pearl River Delta region. This required us to confirm many names during translation. The translators found various means through which to make contact with the people and companies interviewed in the documentary in order to check their Chinese names and ensure the accuracy of the translation.

Smart China: Start Up Revolution

New Media

The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Against a backdrop of the Irish War of Independence, The Wind That Shakes the Barley tells the story of Damien, a medical student, who lays down his pen to take up the sword, and together with his good friend joins the Irish Republican Army to fight for freedom and independence. The film won a Palme d’Or at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Best Cinematographer at the 2006 European Film Awards, as well as Best Irish Film (Audience Award), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Liam Cunningham) and Best Film at the 2007 Irish Film and Television Awards.

The Wind that Shakes the Barley reflects Axios’ style of “translation with feeling” in our film and TV translation.

At Axios, we have our own unique approach to subtitle translation. In addition to the steadfast three-way principle of being faithful, expressive and elegant in our translations, we also pay particular attention to “speaking for the character”: understanding the character and paying attention to how the script presents their personality, while ensuring that the style of language tallies with the film.

As a war film, much pen and ink were expended on “conflict” in this film. The translator paid corresponding attention to how the script influenced characterization, whether tough or weak, or argumentative or humiliated. The handling of every detail was made to recreate the qualities of the original characters.

Our “translation with feeling” gives words a living soul and interprets perfectly the “inner world” of each character.

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