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Established in 2010, Axios Translations (Beijing ) Co., Ltd. originally focused its main business on film dubbing and subtitle translation for long time clients such as China Central Television and Warner Brothers as well as developing our document translation and localization services. Due to client demand for a one-stop post production solution, we have collaborated with other partners to expand our film and tv post production services. Today Axios has grown into a comprehensive language service provider for a wide variety of translation fields including film, television and entertainment, literature and the arts, the law and finance industry, immigration, international study and educational exchanges among others. Axios provides translation services for clients across the world enabling fluent communication in languages such as Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Italian and many more.

In the present environment where artificial intelligence and translation technologies are developing faster than ever, Axios continues to offer the precision of expert craftsmanship in its translation services. Our mission is focused on the needs of our clients, and our clients’ satisfaction is our main priority, Axios provides each client with tailor-made, reliable, efficient and professional translation services.

Company Philosophy


Commitment to excellence and multi-level proofreading


Timely communication and delivery


Full compliance with industry best practices

Professional Quality

From receiving materials through to delivering the completed product, Axios guarantees professionalism at every step.

 With a three-level proofreading system, we ensure our translation services meet the highest industry standards.


Project team assembly


First-tier proofreading

Management, translation and technical resources are assigned

The translation is reviewed and amended by senior proofreaders


Receipt of materials


Second-tier proofreading

Materials are received and checked

Professional terminology and expressions are reviewed by professional consultants


Organization of materials


Final proofreading

Materials are organized and a standardized glossary created

The translation is refined by native-level bilingual translation specialists who have a complete understanding of the languages of the original text and translation


Team Briefing


Delivery of completed product

Team are briefed on translation content and delivery requirements and internal timelines are set

Timely delivery of the translation is completed in line with the client’s brief and deadline




Translation amendment

Initial translation by experienced translators in line with the client brief

Client may review and request additional refinements of the translation until they are satisfied with the quality of the finished product

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