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Transcription, dubbing and post production for film and TV

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Axios’ film and TV transcription and post production department has honed its skills over the last decade. Through practical collaboration with our partners, we have created a professional team which has an accurate grasp of industry standards and provides the market with one-stop services in film and TV transcription, dubbing, post production and special effects. The outstanding quality of the finished product, combined with our super-efficient workflow and competitive prices, have earned us preferential consideration among industry clients. Film and TV projects we have worked on have been distributed on television stations and internet broadcast platforms.

Our Strengths


Film and TV Dubbing

Post Production

Extensive experience, accurate grasp of production requirements for television stations and internet platforms

Professional service, familiarity with the common usage of transcriptions by subsequent teams of the clients

Provide a “one-stop service” from translation and transcription to dubbing

An integrated team of voice actors providing a diverse selection of voices

Excellent recording and mixing equipment and technicians

Provide film and TV post production and packaging services

Our comprehensive service includes rough cut and fine cut editing, color grading, sound mixing, special effects, subtitles, titles and credits, and packaging.

Flexible workflow, tailor-made services in film and TV dialog dubbing and transcription as well as dialog subtitles and transcription syncing

Professional and rigorous management of dubbing services with strict quality control

Outstanding quality, evidenced by our participation in the production of numerous film and TV works which have undergone rigorous review by CCTV

Highlighted Products

Chinese-language TV dramas

Rural Love StoryThe Founding of an ArmyLong time No SeeRed Star Over ChinaZhu De


Heroines in the DesertRed Flowers and Green LeavesDefend the WarNight Without Hiding Sin

Web dramas

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2Suddenly This SummerMid Tou Mid Nao 2Mid Tou Mid Nao 3


The SmurfsLoopdidooGet Squiggling!

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